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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in UTMB. Below, we have listed several of the questions most frequently submitted via the UTMB web site, along with their respective answers.

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  • Q. How do I contact UTMB Health?

    A. Phone numbers and website addresses for many commonly contacted areas and services are available on this page. For information not listed here, please visit our home page and conduct an online search. 

  • Q. What is UTMB's primary mailing address?

    A. UTMB has four campuses and dozens of clinical sites throughout the state. (These can be reviewed on our online campus map.) However, the main mailing address for the university is: The University of Texas Medical Branch;
    301 University Boulevard; Galveston, TX 77555. 

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Q. How do I apply for a job at UTMB?

    A. Please visit the UTMB Job Opportunities web site:

  • Q. How do I become a volunteer at UTMB?

    A. The UTMB Volunteer Services web site offers a wealth of information on volunteering at UTMB, and a downloadable application form:

Health Care

  • Q. I'd like to share a clinical experience, compliment or concern.

    A. Let us know by visiting our Patient Services team.

  • Q. I was born at UTMB, and I need a copy of my birth certificate.

    A. Birth certificates are public documents, and are available through local health districts and/or county clerk offices. UTMB does not keep birth certificates on file. Information on obtaining a copy of your birth certificate can be found on the Galveston County Clerk web site for our Galveston County facilities (League City and Galveston), and from the Brazoria County Clerk for individuals born at UTMB Health's Angleton Danbury Campus.


  • Q. How do I get information about financial aid, tuition and fees, or school catalogs?

    A. Get the details on the UTMB Enrollment Services web site at

  • Q. What are the admission requirements, deadlines, etc. for attending UTMB's School of Health Professions (SHP)?

    A. The SHP Prospective Student page offers this information, as well as an online application and a streaming video about student life in the SHP. 

  • Q. What are the admission requirements, deadlines, etc. for attending UTMB's School of Nursing (SON)?

    A. The UTMB School of Nursing has gathered all the pertinent information on to one page of the SON web site: 

  • Q. What are the admission requirements, deadlines, etc. for UTMB's School of Medicine (SOM)?

    A. Admissions details and an FAQ can be found on the SOM web site.

  • Q. What are the admission requirements, deadlines, etc. for UTMB's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS)?

    A. Please visit the GSBS web page for prospective students.

  • Q. How do I get information on applying for a fellowship/residency at UTMB?

    A. The Graduate Medical Education web site hosts information about medical residencies and fellowships at UTMB:

  • Q. Where can I find information about possible hazing violations at UTMB?

    A. A state-required report containing information about hazing at UTMB is available from the Student Services website  Hazing Violations Report.


  • Q. Where can I get a general overview of UTMB?

    A. General UTMB information, history, leadership, and other information is available at the About UTMB page. Data and statistics aboutthe university are offerd on the UTMB Facts web site


  • Q. I saw a story about UTMB in the media, and I'd like more information.

    A. Please visit the UTMB News site to see recent press releases or contact UTMB’s Marketing and Communications team at:

  • Q. I am a member of the media, and I'd like talk with someone about a story idea.

    A. Please contact a Media Representative by phone at (409) 772-2618 or visit our Media Relations team online or the UTMB Newsroom.


  • Q. I have a question or comment about the UTMB web site, would like to report a broken link or suggest a link.

    A. We appreciate your feedback. Send us web updates.

UTMB Phone Numbers

24/7 Access Center (Patient Care) (409) 515-7049 • (877) 463-0103
Patient Information (409) 772-1191
Campus Operator
  • Galveston and League City: (409) 772-1011
  • Angleton Danbury: (979) 849-7721
  • Clear Lake: (832) 632-6500
Clinic Appointments (800) 917-8906 • (409) 772-2222
Enrollment Services (409) 772-1215
Food and Nutrition Services
(409) 772-4040
Health Resource Center (409) 266-7542
Lost and Found (409) 772-2691
MyChart Support Desk
(409) 772-4278
Parking Facilities (409) 226-7275
Pastoral Care
  • Galveston: (409) 772-3909
  • League City: (832) 505-3377
  • Angleton: (979) 848-6060
  • Clear Lake: (832) 632-7094
Patient Services (409) 772-4772
Patient Navigation and Support (409) 266-9956
Patient Billing Customer Service
(409) 771-8811 • (800) 994-0363
  • Galveston (409) 772-1174 
  • League City (832) 505-3170
UTMB Police
  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: (409) 772-2691 or (409) 772-1111
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) (409) 772-4200
Volunteer Services (409) 772-2549

Mailing Address

The University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555

If you are trying to reach a specific area, and you know their four-digit campus mail route, you may append it to the zip code, as in example below:

UTMB Marketing & Communications
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-0144